AVATR at AstraZeneca - China


Astra Zeneca - China has extended an invitation to Dr Peter Sahota to present AVATR technology at the “2019 Healthcare IoT Innovation Ecosystem Summit & the 2nd Commercial Innovation Partner Conference” in Wuxi, China on March 7-8th, 2019.

With the ever increasingly clear application scenarios for the innovative and integrated “patient-centric” diagnosis and treatment solutions, AstraZeneca and partners are committed to further accelerating the cooperation into the next phase to apply Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare service through synergising the expertise and strengths of the partners in the industrial sector.

Inavya’s Dr Peter Sahota, who is a Mandarin speaker, will present AVATR and join the 2nd CCIC Partner Conference with the theme of “Cooperation, Enhancement, and Change”. The event will be held at the Wuxi Health IoT Innovation Center, which is a global centre for healthcare innovations based in China.

AstraZeneca has invited more than 200 senior executives from more than 100 partner companies globally to attend this conference. The aim is to jointly set the overall direction and objectives of 2019, explore viable cooperation models, and work together to incubate commercial innovation models.

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