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Doha: AVATR selected for Global Top 50
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AVATR has been selected as a Global Top-50 Startup by Qatar, and has been invited to profile AVATR technology at Smart Cities Expo - Doha 2019, which starts on the 29th Oct 2019.

The international conference provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and professionals to achieve their ambitions, learn from the best about digital entrepreneurship, network, gain inspiration to grow their business and lead the change. Commenting on this award, Dr Michael Wilkinson said “We are delighted to be selected in the Global Top-50. This opportunity to join international startups, to network and to showcase AVATR is an important opportunity as we enter the global marketplace.

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AVATR Wins Made In Dauphine Prize
Aymeric Theulon Made in Dauphine.jpg

Aymeric Teulon, Director of Inavya, received the prestigious 'Made in Dauphine' award for AVATR at an event held in Paris on 10th Oct.

Paris-Dauphine University, Dauphine Alumni, and the student and alumni association, select the "Made in Dauphine" award based on innovation excellence. Commenting on receiving the award, Aymeric noted that “The selection panel really liked AVATR. Other winners of awards were Frichti (which just raised €45m), and Madbox games (just hit over 10m downloads of their gaming platform), so AVATR is in very good company.”

The selection panel included: Yannick Bollore (CEO Havas), Bertrand Cizeau (BNP Paribas Group Head of Brand, Communications and Quality), Quentin Sannie (CEO Devialet), Pierre Chassagne (EY Partner).

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AVATR to Korea
K-Ground 2019.jpg

Following an open competition, Inavya has been selected by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, the Enterprise Europe Network, and the Knowledge Transfer Network as one of three promising UK Tech Startups to join the K-Ground 2019 Global Startup Exchange & Collaboration Programme.

South Korea is one of the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries. Home to global giants such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK Telecom - and with major government investment in key technology areas - South Korea offers unrivalled opportunities for digital Tech Startups.

During the programme, Dr Michael Wilkinson will be immersed in the South Korean Startup ecosystem, have the opportunity to meet major companies, pitch to investors and connect with South Korean and international collaborators. The 10 Day programme will centre in Pangyo, the Silicon Valley of South Korea, from 23 September to 2nd October.

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AVATR: London-Paris in a Day

LONDON:  Deeptech Angels has selected AVATR as one of four deep technology startups to present at a pitch event on Monday 8th of July.  The event is hosted exclusively at The National Liberal Club in central London, where Dr Michael Wilkinson will pitch AVATR technology in front of validated angel investors.

PARIS: AVATR has been shortlisted for the prestigious innovation award ‘MadeInDauphine’ event at Paris Dauphine University, also on Monday 8th of July. The award recognises achievement by former alumni in innovative companies with a social impact. Members of the jury include the CEOs of Havas and Devialet, the Marketing head of Dior Couture, and the head of Unilever Africa.   Paris Dauphine Universityalumnus, Aymeric Teulon, will represent AVATR.

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AVATR at UK-India Conclave
Leaders Summit 2019.png

Dr Jaspal Peter Sahota is representing Inavya Ventures Ltd (AVATR) at the Global Leaders’ Summit - UK-India Conclave 2019. The event is a two-day exchange of enterprise, innovation and dialogue convening business leaders, investors, changemakers and entrepreneurs to enhance collaboration. Tackling critical areas of trade, investment and partnership, the event is an unmissable chance to hear from senior global leaders on the future of global India.

Dr Sahota - a Sanskrit scholar who speaks Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit - said “I’m delighted to have been invited. AVATR participation in the UK-India Conclave 2019 provides Inavya with unparalleled access to key stakeholders as the company prepares to extend its operations to India - one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies.”

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Project CityZen Profiled in Brazil

Dr Peter Sahota presented the Newton Fund initiative - Project CityZen - at an International Smart Cities conference in Campinas, Brazil on 5th June. The event, hosted by CPqD in Campinas, brought together leading national and international experts in the area of smart cities and advanced technologies.

Inavya is the UK lead for Project CityZen, which is a novel smart cities project taking place in Brazil using data and innovative technologies from Inavya (AVATR), Industria-I, Space Syntax and CPqD. The project takes a citizen-centred view of healthcare, using information about demographics, healthcare systems and location alongside personal experiences to create an innovative solution to help improve efficiency when deploying resources, with a special focus on care for older people.

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Avatr Finalist in the Dauphine London Startup Challenge 2019
Dauphine London Statup Challenge.png

Inavya Ventures and AVATR have been shortlisted with 5 other finalists for the Dauphine London Startup Challenge 2019 - which will take place on the 16th of May in London.

The festival, organised by Paris Dauphine University, promotes innovation and entrepreneurship led by former graduates based in the UK. As an alumni, Aymeric Teulon will be pitching AVATR against other InsurTech, Wearables, Crypto trading platforms for the title of “Most Promising Startup”.

AVATR enters the NHS

Inavya has won a competition to research and develop its AVATR technology to benefit the National Health Service.

The Office for Life Sciences and Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, are investing up to £1.5 million in innovation projects such as AVATR. The competition is aimed at SMEs that have developed and manufactured innovative healthtech, including medical devices, diagnostics and regulated digital healthcare products.

Dr Michael Wilkinson, CEO and Founder of Inavya, said “After several years of developing AVATR technology with clinicians in Singapore and São Paulo, we are delighted to be entering the NHS healthcare ecosystem, where we aim to deliver significant benefits to citizens and the NHS with AVATR, a CE marked medical device.”

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AVATR in Europe

Inavya has been selected by The Enterprise Europe Council to join the Health Valley International Event in The Netherlands on March 13, where AVATR technology will be profiled.

The aim of the event is to build international partnerships and set up innovation and research projects for Horizon 2020, Eureka/Eurostars programmes and INTERREG in the area of digital health, medical devices and personalized medicine. Represented by Inavya Director Mr Aymeric Teulon, the event will enable Inavya to expand its global network, receive advice on international grants and projects, and learn about healthcare innovations in the vibrant healthcare ecosystem of The Netherlands.

Commenting on winning this award, Inavya CEO Dr Michael Wilkinson said ‘Our growth strategy is to build a global network of AVATR hubs to serve regional markets, and then to connect these hubs globally to create synergy. We have made excellent progress in Singapore, Brazil, China and Bahrain. Looking closer to our own European market, this international event in The Netherlands brings together Europe’s leading start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, government, and universities in the area of digital health, medical devices and personalised medicine. The following countries will participate, and represent Europe’s finest network within the Life Sciences and Health sectors: The Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.”

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AVATR at AstraZeneca - China

Astra Zeneca - China has extended an invitation to Dr Peter Sahota to present AVATR technology at the “2019 Healthcare IoT Innovation Ecosystem Summit & the 2nd Commercial Innovation Partner Conference” in Wuxi, China on March 7-8th, 2019.

With the ever increasingly clear application scenarios for the innovative and integrated “patient-centric” diagnosis and treatment solutions, AstraZeneca and partners are committed to further accelerating the cooperation into the next phase to apply Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare service through synergising the expertise and strengths of the partners in the industrial sector.

Inavya’s Dr Peter Sahota, who is a Mandarin speaker, will present AVATR and join the 2nd CCIC Partner Conference with the theme of “Cooperation, Enhancement, and Change”. The event will be held at the Wuxi Health IoT Innovation Center, which is a global centre for healthcare innovations based in China.

AstraZeneca has invited more than 200 senior executives from more than 100 partner companies globally to attend this conference. The aim is to jointly set the overall direction and objectives of 2019, explore viable cooperation models, and work together to incubate commercial innovation models.

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AVATR selected for the Unbound Innovation Festival in Bahrain

The UK government Department for International Trade has invited Inavya Ventures Ltd (AVATR) and four other UK startups to join the UK stand and participate at the UNBOUND Festival in Bahrain on 6-7 March. Aymeric Teulon, Director of Inavya Ventures Ltd, will represent the company, and strengthen the initial engagement between Inavya and the Bahrain Economic Development Board. This will go a long way to helping establish the AVATR brand locally, and hopefully lead to the implementation of a compelling demonstrator within the Middle East.

The festival will also provide a great opportunity to network with 3,000+ startups, investors and businesses, who will travel to Bahrain to hear from 100+ influential speakers, uncover pioneering ideas and take part in immersive brand experiences, hackathons, startup battles and networking sessions.

Previous Unbound events have taken place in London and Miami

Previous Unbound events have taken place in London and Miami

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AVATR prototype debuted in São Paulo

Over the past week, AVATR UX design leads - John Walters and Christopher da Costa - have been engaged directly with clinicians from the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo to further develop AVATR technology. The aim of these workshops is to position AVATR as a resource to support improvements in clinical outcomes and to reduce healthcare costs, as well as to improve patient experience while outside of hospital.

Our engagement with Einstein Hospital is part of Project CityZen, a smart cities Newton Fund initiative that is led by Inavya, in partnership with Future Cities Catapult and Space Syntax in the UK. Our partners in Brazil are CPqD and Industria-I.

Over the next year, new AI-enabled features will be added to AVATR to enhance user experience for doctors and patients. These features will include patient-led care plans, matchmaking the patient to local services, and voice-controlled navigation. Commenting on this Newton Fund initiative, Dr Michael Wilkinson (CEO of Inavya) said “We are excited to be working with Einstein clinicians on the further development of AVATR, and we look forward to supporting ongoing improvement in healthcare throughout our global network, which includes linked initiatives in Singapore and the EU.

Chris & John demonstrate a prototype of AVATR to physicians at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Chris & John demonstrate a prototype of AVATR to physicians at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

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AVATR at Pearl Delta
Future Cities Mission.png
Dr. Sahota presenting AVATR to Ping-An Insurance

Dr. Sahota presenting AVATR to Ping-An Insurance

AVATR continues its engagement with the China market as part of a ten-company UK delegation hosted by Innovate UK, 100%Open, China-Britain Business Council, Future Cities Catapult and Department for International Trade (DIT). The Mission started today, with Dr Peter Sahota presenting AVATR to leading officials from Ping-An Insurance Company. Dr Sahota, who is a Mandarin speaker, will next present AVATR to leading officials from Huawei.

Following meetings with additional companies and government officials from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Dr Sahota will be attending a number of commercial meetings in Shanghai, with a view to developing strategic partnerships to enable AVATR to enter the China Market. It’s very clear from the level of interest in AVATR that China shares a pressing global challenge to control rising healthcare costs and improve clinical outcomes.

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AVATR now a finalist in the Business Funding Show pitching competition
BFS Logo.png

AVATR was selected for a 3-minute pitch to a panel of several representatives from the UK’s top angel investment groups (including SyndicateRoom, Nesta, Seedrs, Microsoft Accelerator, Angel Investment Network, AngelCoFund, Startup Funding Club and many more). Our pitch successfully topped 50 other startup applications and was awarded the opportunity to exhibit AVATR’s AI technology and strategy in front of the Angel Investing Hacker Panel. The competition formed part of the Business Funding Show’s Annual Investment Conference, which was held in London on the 13th of November 2018.

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AVATR Welcomes delegation from the China (Fujian) Foreign Trade Centre

Aymeric Teulon and Peter Sahota were pleased today to host the investment and development delegation from the China (Fujian) Foreign Trade Center at our new Geovation office in Clerkenwell, central London.

We had the pleasure to welcome General Manager of Investment and Development, Zeng Zhiyun, and discuss the challenges around elderly care in the Fuzhou region.  We also discussed how AVATR could help as a platform as they develop a new state-of-the-art residential development for elderly citizens.

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Aymeric Teulon on Singapore Mission

Aymeric Teulon, Director of Inavya Ventures Ltd, has been invited by the UK Department for International Trade to join a small group of UK companies on a technology mission to Singapore. The mission started on 22nd Oct, and is taking place at PwC Offices Marina One in Singapore, which includes facilitated ASEAN market business development opportunities led by PwC.


Aymeric is meeting representatives from a range of insurance companies, telecoms companies, hospitals and investors from throughout the ASEAN market, all of whom have expressed a strong interest to explore collaboration with AVATR. During the visit, Aymeric will also be advancing discussions to establish a Singapore company, which will serve as the ASEAN hub for AVATR medical services.

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AVATR’s Nordic Way

AVATR has been selected to join The Nordic Angel Program, starting Oct 2018 in Oslo. As part of the EU’s €80-billion initiative “Horizon 2020”, The Nordic Angel Program (NAP) enables cross-border startup and scale-up investment to support high-potential companies that are ambitious and need wings to expand internationally.

In the past, startups/scaleups in the United States have had access to larger pools due to many factors, including a larger, borderless economy. Europe’s “Horizon 2020” initiative is working to close that gap by enabling better cross-border investment collaboration.

The Nordic Angel Program specifically addresses those challenges on a scale that is rarely achieved by national initiatives in Europe. Together with Finland (FiBAN), Estland (EstBAN), Denmark (DanBAN), BAN Norway and NordicBAN we pool international resources together to give the best ideas a much larger funding base than normally possible. To put it simply:

Larger startup and investor pool plus more/stricter selection/due diligence with international expertise = Higher success rates for ideas, and investors.

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Gateway to China

Inavya scientist, Dr Peter Sahota, has been selected by the UK Science and Innovation Network and InnovateUK to join a group of 15 on its UK Future Cities Mission to China in November 2018.  


During the visit, Dr Sahota will be joining officials from 100% Open, the China-Britain Business Council, and Future Cities Catapult on visits to pioneering future cities projects in China’s Greater Bay Area, centred around Shenzhen. The city is a global technology hub for internet start-ups - including Tencent and Huawei - and rivals Tokyo, San Francisco and New York.

Dr Michael Wilkinson, CEO of Inavya, says “This UK mission offers Inavya an excellent opportunity to advance its commercial strategy to enter the China market by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit of Shenzhen. Peter is a Mandarin speaker with significant expertise in AI and business culture. While on the mission, he will continue to deepen Inavya’s engagement with Tsinghua University and corporates in China.”

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AVATR Profiled in China

Future Cities Catapult (FCC) has launched its UK Future Cities Business Portfolio for China, AVATR is profiled as 1 of 38 UK advanced urban services companies that are looking to build partnerships with China. In publishing this portfolio, FCC aims to help UK companies not only apply their urban innovations to cities in the UK, but also gain greater access to opportunities in high growth overseas markets.

China has more than twice as many people living in cities as any other country, and a strong drive to leverage technology to tackle urban challenges. This makes it an important partner country for FCC’s international work.

avatr profile.png

FCC say, "The portfolio was formally launched at The Fourth China Smart City International Expo 2018 in Shenzhen by our CEO Nicola Yates, in a ceremony observed by the UK’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Trade Graham Stuart MP. As part of the activity around the launch we have been working in partnership with the UK Science and Innovation Network to lead a mission to China with six of the companies that feature in the portfolio, engaging with Chinese business and government leaders along the way."

Click to download the Future Cities Business Portfolio for China

Click to download the Future Cities Business Portfolio for China

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World Cities Summit 2018 - Avatr at Singapore

From the workplace to the smart home, and how we communicate and organise our cities. Across the world, technology is changing lives, and wherever you look — and whichever sector you look at — you’ll find innovative UK tech companies leading the way.

The UK is one of the world’s great technology ecosystems. It is home to thousands of dynamic, high quality and innovative companies – from the most exciting new start-ups to global brands with with centuries of history.

This year at World Cities Summit from 8-12 July in Singapore, the UK government has selected nine of the UK’s most innovative companies and organisations - including Inavya - each offering diverse solutions for the smart cities of today and tomorrow.  Avatr technology will be profiled as part of Inavya’s future city work in Singapore and São Paulo. With design for healthy city living seen as increasingly important, our designers and UX specialists Christopher da Costa and John Walters will be on-hand to share their experience with participants from over 125 regions globally.


Click to download list of companies supported by UK DIT

Click to download list of companies supported by UK DIT

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