ONSTAGE AT the International Business Festival
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Inavya Ventures has been selected to showcase AVATR at the International Business Festival on the sector-themed day: Health & Life Sciences. It will take place 26 June in Liverpool, and on the Future Stage.

It’s an extraordinary business showcase event. Eight high-calibre businesses, will seek transformative scale-up investment, by pitching their innovative, new business ideas to a distinguished panel of representatives from UK Business Angels Association.

This is one of the largest Business Angel Investor events in the UK, and represents a fantastic opportunity for AVATR to showcase its technology to potential future partners and investors.

This is one of the largest Business Angel Investor events in the UK, and represents a fantastic opportunity for AVATR to showcase its technology to potential future partners and investors.

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Inavya Director invited to Co-host the London Business School’s Annual China Business Forum
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Aymeric Teulon has been invited by the London Business School's China Club to co-host the 7th Edition of the China Business Forum in London on the 25th May.

As the largest student-led, China-focused business forum in Europe - with 25 speakers and 300+ participants - the event will focus this year on 3 key themes via dedicated panels:

  • The Rising Influence of China: How China's flagship Belt & Road Initiative influences East-West co-operations.
  • Sinovation: Deep dive into some of the best and most evolutionary Chinese innovations.
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship - the Power Shift: How China’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is playing a catch-up with its Western counterparts

Historically, the China Business Forum has been known to attract high-profile thought leaders from business, academia and politics, to address changing dynamics within the UK-China relationship. This year, the event will see the participation of key decision makers and business influencers such as:

  • Qin Zhu - Minister and Deputy Head of Mission of the Chinese Embassy in the UK
  • Ning Tang - Founder and CEO of CreditEase, the first fintech company IPO from China in the global capital markets (NYSE listed).
  • Yeming Wang - Business General Manager at Alibaba Cloud
  • John Spindler - CEO of Capital Enterprise; Founder & Partner of London Co-Investment Fund (UK)

The forum is committed to offering its participants opportunities to explore the latest business trends, share innovative business ideas, discuss potential business opportunities and network with world business leaders. Naturally, this is a tremendous opportunity for Inavya Ventures to develop its international reach and exposure.

michael wilkinson
Aymeric Teulon Appointed Director at Inavya Ltd.
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Aymeric Teulon has been officially appointed as a Director at Inavya Ventures Ltd, joining Dr Michael Wilkinson, Aleardo Furlani and Della Fealy on the board of directors.

Aymeric has been involved with Inavya Ventures Ltd and the development of Avatr for the past 12 months, helping consolidate operations and investor relations.

He will be representing the company next week at the 7th China Business Forum organised by the London Business School, as co-host of the event.

michael wilkinsonNEWS
AVATR makes a splash in Asia Pacific
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Over the past 2 weeks Dr Michael Wilkinson concluded a series of trade missions to the APAC region, sponsored by the Department of international Trade (DIT) and Innovate UK.

The Singapore Health Tech Mission and Futures Cities Mission to Australia was a extraordinary opportunity to showcase AVATR to a panel of government officials, corporate representatives, potential investors and business platforms in the region. It also attracted significant media coverage, including an article in Forbes Magazine and a notable mention in The Enquirer.

Meanwhile, in China, Dr Jaspal Peter Sahota attended the 1st Global Expert Summit (GCES) in Ningbo, as well as the Shaanxi British Technology Industry Project Promotion Conference in Xi'an. Here, AVATR attracted extensive coverage in the local media, including a piece in the Sina News.

Following the conference, key local incubators and corporates liaised with Dr. Sahota, paving the way for significant partnerships and collaborations in the future.

In London this week, Aymeric Teulon was invited by the China British Business Council (CBBC) to present AVATR to a delegation from the Guiyang Hi-tech Committee. The committee is the main organising body for the Guiyang Big Data Expo, which will take place between 26th – 29th May. The Guiyang Big Data Expo is China’s main national level event for the big data industry, attracting 20,000 visitors from over 60 countries. Large company delegations from the UK attended the Expo in both 2016 and 2017, and CBBC/DIT is planning to organise a delegation for this year’s event in May.

This kind of exposure confirms a massive interest in our user-centric, device-agnostic AI and machine learning technology - especially when it puts the user squarely at the centre of their own digital world.

But this is just the start… 

Inavya Ventures will continue to leverage coverage like this, with the hope to strengthen and accelerate any future partnerships within the region

Inavya invited to join 1st China Global Experts Summit (CGES)
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Dr Jaspal Peter Sahota has been invited by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China to join the 1st China Global Experts Summit (CGES).  

The invitation-only list of global experts includes scientists and representatives from national academies of sciences, world-leading international technological organisations and research institutions in Europe, America, Japan, Central and Middle Europe. It also includes senior representatives from Global 500 companies and leading VC institutions.

The aim of CGES is to strengthen international cooperation on technology, talent, capital and industry, and to share the development opportunity in China. As Inavya continues to develop its international reach, China represents a key market opportunity for its AVATR technology.

Inavya selected as a Tech Superstar

The Capital Accelerate & Scale Tech Superstars Programme - which focuses on London-based technology SMEs, with an offering for the healthcare sector - has selected Inavya to join a trade mission to Singapore in March 2018.  The Mission is supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), London Region.


Healthcare spending is increasing strongly in Singapore as the population ages and continues to grow. Already at S$10bn annually (approximately £5.5bn), this is forecast to grow by a further S$3bn (approximately £1.6n) by 2020.

Singapore is a leading digital market with high levels of Internet use. Singaporeans are increasingly open to making use of healthcare technology, and the government is actively encouraging this sector to drive quality and efficiency improvements through its Smart Nation Initiative. Singapore is also second in the rankings of easiest places to do business with and has the world’s 4th highest GDP per head of population.

The Mission will include In-market briefings, a hospital site-visit , and pitching events to buyers, companies and investors.

AI and Robotics PitchFest Selection
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Inavya has been selected by the Knowledge Transfer Network to join an Investment Readiness Group to accelerate growth. The UK-based SME companies is this group are all developing cutting-edge AI and Robotics technologies. The series of investment readiness training and networking activities is delivered by leading experts in innovation financing.

The timing for these capacity-building activities aligns very well with Inavya’s development plans, which is targeting precision medicine initially, with a focus on lifestyle-related conditions. By 2020, 50% of global health care expenditures - about $4 trillion - will be spent on lifestyle conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. With global population of over 65 years old projected to increase by 8% by 2020, market demand will increase. Inavya intends to capture at least 0.25% ($10 million annual) of this large and growing global market.

Inavya is currently preparing for commercial deployment in Singapore, in collaboration with clinicians at the National Heart Centre. With direct access to clinicians and paying patients in up 43 countries, Inavya is currently hardening our technology and market offer in preparation for global scale-up.

Avatr to be profiled at The Winter Union

Dr Michael Wilkinson is an invited speaker at this year's Winter Union event on the 13th December 2017 in London.  The Theme for the event is:  Will Superhumans Compete of Collaborate with Machines? 

The Winter Union brings together leading innovators and speakers from a range of large and small companies, and from creative and technical disciplines, to explore how best humans and machines can co-exist peacefully and productively and what we need to do to create our future superhumanity.  During the event, Dr Wilkinson will present the Avatr medical initiative in Singapore, and the Newton Fund health promotion initiative in Brazil.

Inavya selected for Trade Mission to Australia

Inavya has been selected by the Department of International Trade to join an InnovateUK Future Cities Mission to Australia in March 2018.  Within this programme, the UK delegation of technology companies will learn about Australian market opportunities and business culture, develop a tailored pitch and then travel to Australia to meet prospective partners, investors and customers as well as visit local pioneering future cities projects.  Market interest in Avatr is exceptionally strong, especially in the future cities and healthcare sectors; and these opportunities will be developed during the mission.

Innovate UK’s mission partners are the Department of International Trade (DIT), the Future Cities Catapult, the Knowledge Transfer Network and open innovation experts, 100% Open.

Inavya joins 'Smart Cities 4 All' Roundtable

Dr Michael Wilkinson has been invited to present the 'CityZen' project at a meeting that Future Cities Catapult (which is co-organising the UN-sponsored Smart Cities 4 All initiative - G3ICT and World Enabled) on the 7th November. The goal of the meeting will be to provide  an overview of the guidance standards they have launched for ICT accessibility and inclusion. 

The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge on different work around inclusivity and accessibility in smart cities; Future Cities Catapult and the UK are bringing together key people working in this space. The CityZen project is a Newton Fund R&D collaboration, which brings together organisations from the UK (Inavya, FCC & Space Syntax) and Brazil (CpQD, Industrial-I, Albert Einstein Hospital, City of Sao Paulo).  

About the Smart Cities for All initiative

G3ict and World Enabled launched the Smart Cities for All initiative to define the state of ICT accessibility in Smart Cities worldwide. Its focus is to eliminate the digital divide for persons with disabilities and older persons in Smart Cities around the world. The initiative is partnering with leading organizations and companies to create and deploy the tools and strategies needed to build more inclusive Smart Cities.

Brazil-UK Newton Fund

Inavya Ventures Ltd has won a major Brazil-UK R&D competition to develop AVATR health and medtech capability to meet market demand in Brazil and globally. Inavya is the UK lead, in partnership with Future Cities Catapult and Space Syntax Ltd.  Industrial-I is the Brazil lead, in partnership with the Brazil ICT research agency CPQD. The Cities of Sao Paulo and Campinas City will serve as demonstrator sites. The project, called CityZen, is planned to start in the Autumn 2017 and run for two years.

About the Newton Fund                           

The Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services and Innovate UK are running a call for proposals for collaborative research and development projects between British and Brazilian companies focusing on innovative, connected cities and renewable energy solutions.

Similar to the UK, today in Brazil 85% of people live in cities. This has created a wealth of opportunities for those moving to urban centres, yet also it has accelerated the development of unique challenges for the future development of cities in Brazil. Challenges such as improving energy, waste and water efficiency, developing infrastructure to meet current and future energy and service demands by residents (and visitors), while also promoting economic participation and harnessing education and skills within and around cities. Both the Brazilian and British governments are aiming to support projects developing the use of cutting-edge solutions to tackle critical issues for the future of urban environments.

Healthy City Design International

Dr Michael Wilkinson has been selected to present AVATR at the inaugural Healthy City Design 2017 International Congress, from 16-17 October at the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK. Organised by SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange in collaboration with Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, the inaugural Congress seeks to share and stimulate new research, innovative practice and progressive policy ideas on how to design economically and ecologically sustainable cities that enhance citizen health and wellbeing.

A crisis of global and planetary health

Urban populations are growing at an unprecedented rate, a trend which – when set against the backdrop of an ageing society, rising obesity and chronic conditions, and the urgent need to respond to climate change – presents a powerful case for new thinking on how to design more sustainable, resilient cities that enhance health, wellbeing and social inclusion.

The World Health Organisation defines a healthy city as one that “supports health, recreation and wellbeing, safety, social interaction, easy mobility, a sense of pride and cultural identity, and... is accessible to the needs of all its citizens”. More recently, in a Lancet series on urban design, transport and health, cities are highlighted as the “key to the future sustainable development agenda”. Healthy City Design 2017 is fully aligned with these definitions.

Mission to Singapore

Inavya Ventures Ltd has been invited to join a UK Government Mission to Singapore in September 2017. As part of this Mission, AVATR technology will feature as a novel innovation that deploys AI and machine learning in global markets such as healthcare, retail and education. Meetings with government officials, investors and international corporations are planned.  

During the Mission, AVATR will also be hosted by the UK Government at the international TECHINNOVATION 2017 Conference. It is the largest conference and exhibition in Singapore that focuses on enabling ready-to-market inventions to enter global sectors, including info-communications, personal care and healthcare. AVATR will be join leading corporate R&D, research organisations, university tech transfer offices, IP intermediaries, technology translators, multi-national corporations, small & medium enterprises and public agencies.