World Cities Summit 2018 - Avatr at Singapore


From the workplace to the smart home, and how we communicate and organise our cities. Across the world, technology is changing lives, and wherever you look — and whichever sector you look at — you’ll find innovative UK tech companies leading the way.

The UK is one of the world’s great technology ecosystems. It is home to thousands of dynamic, high quality and innovative companies – from the most exciting new start-ups to global brands with with centuries of history.

This year at World Cities Summit from 8-12 July in Singapore, the UK government has selected nine of the UK’s most innovative companies and organisations - including Inavya - each offering diverse solutions for the smart cities of today and tomorrow.  Avatr technology will be profiled as part of Inavya’s future city work in Singapore and São Paulo. With design for healthy city living seen as increasingly important, our designers and UX specialists Christopher da Costa and John Walters will be on-hand to share their experience with participants from over 125 regions globally.


Click to download list of companies supported by UK DIT

Click to download list of companies supported by UK DIT

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