Inavya selected as a Tech Superstar


The Capital Accelerate & Scale Tech Superstars Programme - which focuses on London-based technology SMEs, with an offering for the healthcare sector - has selected Inavya to join a trade mission to Singapore in March 2018.  The Mission is supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), London Region.


Healthcare spending is increasing strongly in Singapore as the population ages and continues to grow. Already at S$10bn annually (approximately £5.5bn), this is forecast to grow by a further S$3bn (approximately £1.6n) by 2020.

Singapore is a leading digital market with high levels of Internet use. Singaporeans are increasingly open to making use of healthcare technology, and the government is actively encouraging this sector to drive quality and efficiency improvements through its Smart Nation Initiative. Singapore is also second in the rankings of easiest places to do business with and has the world’s 4th highest GDP per head of population.

The Mission will include In-market briefings, a hospital site-visit , and pitching events to buyers, companies and investors.