AVATR’s Nordic Way

AVATR has been selected to join The Nordic Angel Program, starting Oct 2018 in Oslo. As part of the EU’s €80-billion initiative “Horizon 2020”, The Nordic Angel Program (NAP) enables cross-border startup and scale-up investment to support high-potential companies that are ambitious and need wings to expand internationally.

In the past, startups/scaleups in the United States have had access to larger pools due to many factors, including a larger, borderless economy. Europe’s “Horizon 2020” initiative is working to close that gap by enabling better cross-border investment collaboration.

The Nordic Angel Program specifically addresses those challenges on a scale that is rarely achieved by national initiatives in Europe. Together with Finland (FiBAN), Estland (EstBAN), Denmark (DanBAN), BAN Norway and NordicBAN we pool international resources together to give the best ideas a much larger funding base than normally possible. To put it simply:

Larger startup and investor pool plus more/stricter selection/due diligence with international expertise = Higher success rates for ideas, and investors.

michael wilkinsonNEWS