Inavya joins 'Smart Cities 4 All' Roundtable


Dr Michael Wilkinson has been invited to present the 'CityZen' project at a meeting that Future Cities Catapult (which is co-organising the UN-sponsored Smart Cities 4 All initiative - G3ICT and World Enabled) on the 7th November. The goal of the meeting will be to provide  an overview of the guidance standards they have launched for ICT accessibility and inclusion. 

The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge on different work around inclusivity and accessibility in smart cities; Future Cities Catapult and the UK are bringing together key people working in this space. The CityZen project is a Newton Fund R&D collaboration, which brings together organisations from the UK (Inavya, FCC & Space Syntax) and Brazil (CpQD, Industrial-I, Albert Einstein Hospital, City of Sao Paulo).  

About the Smart Cities for All initiative

G3ict and World Enabled launched the Smart Cities for All initiative to define the state of ICT accessibility in Smart Cities worldwide. Its focus is to eliminate the digital divide for persons with disabilities and older persons in Smart Cities around the world. The initiative is partnering with leading organizations and companies to create and deploy the tools and strategies needed to build more inclusive Smart Cities.